Have you ever thought this or maybe said it to yourself, “I’m ready right now, I want IN..this is what Christ is calling me to.” We may not have it all together yet or figured it all out (that seems to take a lifetime), yet as a middle-schooler, you know you want IN with Jesus. Remember, this isn’t just wading into the water ankle deep, this is finally experiencing Jesus in a way you never have. Sometimes, you might THINK you’re in, but there is so much more that you just haven’t checked into... you haven’t dug deeply into God and his Word. You’ll also have to be willing to give up EVERYTHING in submission to Christ. While that seems impossible, the amazing thing is that once you do say “I’m IN” to Jesus, it’s an ending statement... nothing more needs to be said.

So whether you’re ready to jump in with Jesus or you’re still figuring out where you’re headed in a relationship with Him, let’s jump in together at Break Out 2015!